Real-Time Intelligent Event Triggering

Edge Computer-Vision Behavior Recognition

  • Enhance your Surveillance & Security Solutions

  • Improve Access Control Solutions

  • Analytics & Customer Insight Management

  • Social Distancing Solutions

  • Instant Notification of events of interest

  • Face Matching Technology

AI Technology to Supercharge your Camera System

We aim to be the world's most innovative AI Behaviour Recognition company for facility management

The AiDANT Intelligent Recognition platform offers a unique solution for driving intelligent visual monitoring. The system is easy to set up, easy to configure and easy to maintain and use. AiDANT Ronin & AiDANT Askari use the latest AI based, face matching and behaviour recognition technology to quickly and accurately identify individuals and behaviours that have been flagged as important. Significant events can be immediately recognized, reported and responded to.

AiDANT Ronin allows users of Genetec or Axis to insert true AI capabilities into their existing Genetec systems.

AiDANT Askari is our homegrown App and Web Interface for smaller customers or customers who don't own a Genetec System, or only use Axis Cameras.

Features include:

  • Access control

  • Area of Interest

  • Tail-gating

  • Mask / PPE wearing

  • Social distancing

  • Queuing

  • Loitering

  • People counting

  • Loss detection using thermal cameras

  • Face matching for persons of interest


Application for Retail, Factory, City Authorities, etc.

Ability to rapidly create customized behaviors for customers specific needs.


Real Time Notifications or Actions

Determine actions or responses without human input to improve human performance

Edge Performance

We're one of the first independent AI companies to optionally put our AI on the edge - Directly onto the camera, reducing the need for servers and processing true AI - not image processing using pixel changes.

Customization Support

Our team is ready to help you create individual solutions for specific problems you're looking to solve.

Top Security

We take security and personal data collection seriously. No personal data is shares outside of your system, and data stored follows strict privacy laws and generally accepted practices. 

Real World Examples ~   

Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Unmanned Access Control

A transit authority wanted to automate a door access system that previously worked by people pushing buttons to request access to washrooms. Only one person should access at a time. Our AI can control 99% of all access and only call for human interaction when an flagged event takes place, in this case, more than one person going into the bathroom at a time.

Security Enhancement for Areas of Interest

A building owner wanted to know when doors were open or closed, how many people were entering, whether people were tailgating, and if people were loitering or entering restricted areas. Through their existing Genetec system, we are able to notify, and collect analytical data to let them know exactly what is occurring in real time.


We're Punching Above our Weight

Our small team has amazing talent and energy

2020 has been a year of change for us - We moved our head office to BC, had some management changes, and refocused our efforts on being the best AI behaviour recognition company in the camera surveillance industry. Our team is made up from exceptional Artificial Intelligence master's degree holders, and a host of other entrepreneurial experience. We look forward to getting to know you and impressing you with our capabilities.

Roger Milford 


MBA, Columbia Business School

Ben Ocampo

AI Developer &         Data Scientist

Master of Geophysics

University of Alberta

Ari Telias

AI Development Manager

B.Sc. Mechanical / Software Engineering

Chirag Balakrishna

AI Developer

Master of Science – MS

University of Alberta

(Alberta Based)

Kushal Mahalingaiah

AI Developer

Master of Science – MS

University of Alberta

Nilson Calazans

AI Developer

Master of Computer Science (Multimedia)

University of Alberta

(Alberta Based)


What People are Saying

We're proud of what we're achieving

"We were able to utilize AiDANT in our facility to assist internal loss prevention staff by notifying them of suspicious characters upon entry. The system was well received by our staff and there were a number of incidents which would have likely resulted in theft, had AiDANT not alerted our team of a suspected shoplifter."

Jon Mackie - BigBoxOutletStore


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